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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Ugly Shit

I was planning on taking loads of outfit photos when I was in Wales but I, firstly, didn't have the time because I was too busy exploring and, secondly, wore boring outfits with Ben's big raincoat over the top for the majority of the trip. That's why my outfit of the day today is one from a couple of weeks ago, which also explains my lack of fringe. I keep thinking that this outfit looks really strange and I couldn't put my finger on why at first. I think it may be because I'm not wearing fishnet tights like I usually do. I couldn't find them on the day and my legs look so bare but maybe it's a start to getting out of my obsession with them (they just tie together every outfit ever!!). The top I'm wearing is a favourite of mine at the minute because it's the perfect length and has cute flowers on it (and also a naughty word). It's so easy to wear with jeans or a skirt so I just throw it on if I'm on my way out the house. The skirt I chose to wear it with is from so long ago when I used to work at River Island, in all honesty the fit wasn't great and I had to alter it slightly but I loved the material and colour so much it wasn't a massive issue. I don't think you can even get it any more but there's a lot of similar skirts out there in the interwebs (I've linked a couple but I can't find one of the same colour, sorry!). The jacket is the statement piece of this outfit. I really love the camouflage design with non traditional camouflage colours, even though it makes my eyes go funny if I stare at it too long! I've got a few denim jackets already so I was glad to finally get one that was funky and not just plain blue or black. It's labelled on the website as a boy's jacket but I got a small and it fits great! I hope you all had a good Easter! Ben and my parents managed to find some vegan Easter eggs for me so I got to stuff my face with chocolate just like everyone else!

(P.s the Timberland boots in my very pink post HERE have now been put on the website so I've updated the link at the bottom of the post if you want to take a look!)

*Ugly Shit Top - Lazy Oaf (coming out in April)
PU Mini Skirt - ASOS (black similar) Missguided (light blue similar)
*Camouflage Denim Jacket - Hayleigh Elsaesser
Boots - Dr Marten


  1. eeeeek so cute! the skirt <3

  2. Nice look!So cute!